Structural Performance of Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Walls

보강된 철근콘크리트 벽체의 구조적 성능

  • Received : 1998.08.08
  • Published : 1998.07.31


In several structural problems, the low concrete strength of compression members has the severest influence on the structural safety. However, the repairing and strengthening techniques for compression members are not established and evaluated. This study aimed to develop and evaluate the rehabilitation techniques to obtain proper structural strength of wall with low concrete strength. The specimens with low strength of concrete were retrofitted with commonly using section increase method and epoxy bonded glass fiber techniques. The tests were executed to failure under concentric and eccentric loads. In this paper, the structural behavior and failure modes were investigated to evaluate the strengthening effects of walls subjected to compression and out-of-plane bending.


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