Study on Environmental Factors of Inquiry Instruction of Secondary School Science Teachers

중.고등학교 과학교사의 탐구수업 환경 요인에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1998.09.30


This study was performed to find the environmental factors of inquiry instruction perceived by secondary school science teacher. The instrument consisted of three domains such as teaching conditions, viewpoints of secondary school science teachers of environmental factors for inquiry instruction, and barrier and improve! rent factors of inquiry instruction. Teaching conditions between middle school and high school science teachers were not different significantly. Environmental factors of inquiry instruction of secondary school science teacher included five factors such as 'facilities and encouragement', 'amount of works and materials', 'teacher education and textbook', 'practice and knowledge' and 'perception of necessity and satisfaction'. And all factors except 'perception of necessity and satisfaction' were very low state for inquiry instruction. In the disturbant and improving factors, the critical factors were 'over students per class', 'textbook' and 'learning materials' for middle school science teachers, and 'over students per class', and 'entrance examination' for high school science teachers. Thus the development and diffusion of adequate inquiry learning materials may be helpful to practicing inquiry instruction as decrease of works and psychological charges, and it is needed to reorganize systematically and intensify pre- and in-service teacher education to practice inquiry instruction.