The Effect of Systematicity and Presentation Type of Analog on Concept Recall and Application

비유물의 체계성과 표현 방식이 개념 회상 및 응용에 미치는 효과

  • Published : 1998.03.30


This study investigated the effect of systematicity and presentation type of an analog upon students' concept recall and application regarding stoichiometry that included limiting reagent. Systematicity was manipulated by varing the degree of explicit causal structure, and presentation type was in either verbal format or verbal/figurative format. The four types of the analog developed were studied by randomly assigned junior high school students (N=137). Prior to the treatment, the Group Assessment of Logical Thinking was administered and its score was used as a covariate. After the treatment, a research-made conception test was administered immediately and four weeks later. The ANCOVA results indicated that systematicity had a positive effect on immediate application regardless of presentation type. In the application problem of retention test, however, systematicity had no main effect but interaction with presentation type. These suggested that the systematic analog in verbal/figurative format most positively influence concept application. Educational implications are discussed.


analog;concept;systematicity;presentation type;recall;application;stoichiometry