The Effects of Teachers' Philosophical Perspectives of Science on Their Students' Conceptions of the Nature of Science

과학교사들의 과학철학적 관점이 중학생들의 과학의 본성 개념에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1998.03.30


Scientific literacy implies an adequate understanding of the nature of science. However, little is known about factors that can influence students' conceptions of the nature of science. The purpose of this study was to test the validity of the prevalent assumption that teachers' philosophical perspectives of science directly influence their students' conceptions of the nature of science. A comparison between science teachers' and students' perspectives of science did not support the assumption that a science teachers' perspectives of science is significantly related to students' conceptions of science. The data clearly indicated that there was no relationship between teachers' philosophical perspectives and those of their students. The results convincingly indicated that the nature of science was not being considered or taught to students as a consequence of students' needs and curriculum guide objectives. It is believed that the results of this investigation will help to redirect the focus of future efforts to promote more adequate conceptions of the nature of science in our secondary schools.


philosophy of science;nature of science