Sensitive Fluorogenic Derivatization Method for Bile Acids by Dansyl Cadaverine

Dansyl Cadaverine을 이용한 담즙산류의 고감도 형광측정법

  • Received : 1998.05.28
  • Published : 1998.12.25


Free and glycine conjugated bile acids were detected fluoromatrically in high-performance liquid chromatography after derivatization with dansyl cadaverine. The coupling agent, diethyl phosphorocyanidate was used to form the amide bond between dansyl cadaverine and analytes. The dansyl derivatives of 8 bile acids were separated successfully on Cosmosil ODS column by using linear gradient elution of 20% MeOH-water/$CH_3CN$. The detection limits of cholic acid was reached 10 pg(S/N=5) per $1{\mu}l$ of injected volume. This new derivatization method would be applicable to detect the changes of bile acids in biological samples.


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