Determination of NaOH, $Na_2CO_3$ and $Na_2S$ Concentration in a Naphtha Cracking Process by FT-NIR Spectroscopy

FT-NIR를 이용한 Naphtha Cracking 공정중 NaOH, $Na_2CO_3$$Na_2S$ 정량분석

  • Received : 1998.07.10
  • Published : 1998.12.25


The feasibility of using FT-NIR (Fourier Transform Near Infrared) spectrometer to measure NaOH, $Na_2CO_3$ and $Na_2S$ concentration in a naphtha cracking process, and an outline of the method development to identify spectral feature of the hydroxide whose band is overlapped by a strong water absorption were demonstrated. For measuring NaOH, $Na_2CO_3$ and $Na_2S$, FT-NIR spectrometer is a rapid and possible alternative to the current titration method with a standard deviation of 0.1.