The Effect of High Concentration Cation Matrix on the Analysis of the Low Anion Concentration in Suppressed Ion Chromatography

Suppressed 이온 크로마토그래피에서 과량의 양이온이 낮은 농도의 음이온 분석에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 1998.06.12
  • Published : 1998.12.25


The effect of high concentration ion matrix on the analysis of low anion concentration in the suppressed ion chromatography was studied. The anions studied were $Br^-$, $NO_3{^-}$, $HPO_4^{2-}$, $SO_4^{2-}$, and $C_2O_4^{2-}$ in the presence of excess NaCl and $CaCl_2$. In this study we suggested that the erroneous results in the suppressed ion chromatographic determination of small concentration of anions were not caused by the interaction of large amount of cation in the suppressor, but by the interaction of cation with concerned anion in the original solution. The error in the analysis of such anion can not be eliminated just by dilution. Therefore, we suggested that standard addition method might be adequate for analyses of those samples.