Motional kinematics of Frozen-thawed Korean native cattle semen use of computer aided semen analysis(CASA) system

컴퓨터 정액자동분석에 의한 동결융해 한우 정액의 운동특성 연구

  • Received : 1998.07.21
  • Published : 1998.12.22


The aim of this experiments were to assess the time-interval change of motional characteristics in frozen-thawed semen of Korean native cattle (KNC) by using computer aided semen analysis (CASA) technology. Twenty-six KNC frozen semen straws were obtained from Korean KNC improvement department, livestock improvement main division, national livestock cooperatives federation in Korea. Specimens were allowed to thaw at $37^{\circ}C$ for 30 sec in water bath. Semen analysis was performed on semen image analysis system (SIAS, Medical supply, Korea) adjusted to the gate settings and used the semen droplet ($5{\mu}l$) placed on Makler counting chamber (Sefi medical instrument, Israel) prewarmed at $37^{\circ}C$. The same person used the same micropipette to fill the Makler counting chamber. A total of 150 or more of sperms were analysed in each specimen by a single trained person by scanning at least 5 to 10 fields. The measurement parameters in SIAS were as follows ; frame rate = 30 frames per sec, image capture = 1 sec, minimum motile speed = $10{\mu}m/s$, maximum countable sperm number = 400. Statistical analysis was done by Student t-test with use of the Sigma plot program on a IBM personal computer. The dancemean(DNM) and hyperactivated sperm(HYP) of frozen-thawed KNC semen kinematics were significantly decreased(p < 0.05) after 10 min of incubation at $37^{\circ}C$ water bath. But, wobble(WOB) of same sample semen was significantly increased(p < 0.05) after 10 min of incubation and significantly decrease(p < 0.05) after 60 min of same incubation. And, after 30 mim of incubation, significantly differences were found most of motion kinematics, motifity(MOT), curvilinear velocity(VCL), straight line velocity(VSL), average path velocity(VAP), amplitude of lateral head displacement(ALH), beat cross frequency(BCF), mean angular displacement(MAD), dance(DNC), on same sample semen. The DNM of KNC semen sample was variable kinematics after 30 min of incubation. Also, the linearity(LIN) and straightness(STR) was significantly decreased(p < 0.05) from 60 min of incubation. In conclusion, the AI within 30 min after thawing of frozen semen can be an effective method for obtaining high fertility rate in KNC reproductive program.