Mixed infection of bovine papillomavirus and parapoxvirus in dairy cattle with vesidle-like lesions

유우에서 발생한 수포양 병변에서 bovine papillomavirus 와 parapoxvirus 혼합감염

  • Received : 1998.02.15
  • Published : 1998.06.25


A mysterious disease with vesicle-like nodules in dairy cattle udder has been drawn attention to the foreign animal disease expert at the National Veterinary Research Institute. Immediately dispatched foreign animal disease expert, pathologist and regional veterinary officials executed quarantine nearby affected farm area to prevent transmission of the pathogen which was possibly contagious vesicular disease agents in domestic animals such as FMD or SVD. Proper samples were collected for the laboratory examination. Vesicle-like lesions were only detected in lactating dairy cattle and no distinct clinical signs have been observed in affected animals. Parapox and papillomavirus particles have been demonstrated on electromicroscopical examination from nodular samples of udder lesions of the dairy cattle. Characteristic papilloma virus particles with 55nm in diameter and parapoxvirus with 150nm in diameter and 350nm long oval shape particles were detected and confirmed by embryonated chicken egg inoculation.