A Study on Male High School Students' Smoking Patterns

일부 남자 고등학생의 흡연 실태에 관한 조사연구

  • 이기영 (대전광역시 동산고등학교)
  • Published : 1998.01.01


This study aims to investigate smoking patterns in high school student and to give student smoker effective information. The sample of 250 male highschool students out of two different schools in Tae-Jon was questioned from July 10th to 15th. 1995. In analyzing these date. the statistics shows the realities by means of number of students. The results are summarized into 17 items as follows. Regarding the level of smoking. 140 students out of 250 admit that they have ever smoked. 52.1% of smoking students say that the motivation of beginning smoking is mainly curiosity. The survey shows that 22.9% of smoking students feel very good when smoking. It also shows that 30.0% of smoking students began smoking in the first grade of high school. With regard to the volume of smoking per day. 41.4% of smoking students smoke variably. 42.1% drink when smoking. 15.0% spend more than W 70.000 a month. About the question who knows the fact of their smoking. 51.5% answer that their friends know the fact of their smoking. In regard to the resaltionship between smoking and school per-formance. 18.2% of non smoking students make poor grades as compared with 40% of smoking students. 9.3% of smoking students say that they are satisfied with the school life. but 35.7% of them are not satisfied. Regarding the attitude to smoking teachers. 35% of smoking students state that they are affected by them. 69.3% of smoking students say that they will stop smoking. while the remaining 30.7% say that they will keep smoking. The reason of 63.9% to stop smoking is that smoking is bad for the health. The reason of 46. 5% to keep smoking is the acquired habit of smoking. 97.2% know the fact that the major element of cigarettes is nicotine and it is very harmful to the health. 40.8% recognize the harmful effect of smoking by TV and radio programs. 97.2% know that smoking could cause lung cancer. From the above results. I propose as follows We should make specific plan to keep smoking by simple curiosity from being developed into habitual smoking. We should teach them how harmful smoking is and make them stop smoking by themselves. It is very essential for family members and teachers to give continuous interest since childhood. As the teacher affect the students very much, they should give up smoking first. The incidence of smoking should be identified in each of the middle and high schools. smoking prohibition programs relevant to each school should be developed and implemented. The local community should ban cigarette vending machines. Cigarettes should not be sold to adolescents. By setting every place where adolescents gather including schools nonsmoking area. we should decrease their impulse to smoke. then smoking opportunities. and harmful effects to them caused by passive smoking.