A Study on Scattered Fields Analysis of Ultrasonic SH-Wave from Multi-Defects by Boundary Element Method

경계요소법을 이용한 다중결함의 SH형 초음파 산란장 해석에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1999.11.01


Ultrasonic technique which is one of the most common nondestructive evaluation techniques has been applied to evaluate the integrity of structures by analyzing the characteristic of scattering sign al from internal defects. Therefore, a numerical analysis of ultrasonic scattering field due to defect profiles is absolutely needed for the accurate, quantitative estimation of internal defects. In this paper, the SH-wave scattering by multi-cavity defects and inclusion using Elastodynamic Boundary Element Method is studied. The effects of shape and distance of defects on transmitted and reflected fields are considered. The interaction of multi-cavity defects in SH-wave scattering is also investigated. Numerical calculations by the BEM have been carried out to predict near field solution of scattered fields of ultrasonic SH-wave. The presented results can be used to improve the detection sensitivity and pursue quantitative nondestructive evaluation for inverse problem.


Nondestructive Evaluation;SH-Wave;Defect;Inclusion;Multi-Scattering;Boundary Element Method


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