Effects of Impact Loading Rate on the Delamination Behavior of Composite Laminates

복합적층판의 층간파괴에 미치는 충격하중속도의 효과

  • Published : 1999.11.01


The delamination behavior of multidirectional carbon-fiber/epoxy composite laminates under 10NA intermediate and high rates of test, up to rate of about 11.4m s has been investigated using the double cantilever beam specimens. The mode I loading under rates above l.0m/s showed considerable dynamic effects on the load-time curves and thus higher values of the average crack velocity than that expected from a simple proportional relationship with the test rate. The modified beam analysis utilizing only the opening displacement and crack length exhibited an effective means for evaluating the dynamic fracture energy $G_{IC}$. Based on the assumption of constant flexural modulus, values of $G_{IC}$ at the crack initiation and arrest were decreased with an increase of the test rate up to 5.7m/s, but the maximum $G_{IC}$ was increased at 11.4m/s.


Impact Test Under Low and High Rates;Multidirectional Laminates;Mode I Delamination;Modified Beam Analysis;Fracture Energy;Crack Velocity;Crack Jumping


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