Active Vibration Control of a Precision Equipment on Flying Vehicle Structure

비행 구조물에 탑재된 정밀 기기의 능동 진동 제어

  • Published : 1999.11.01


The equipments mounted on guided-missile undertake heavy vibrational disturbance. Sometimes the equipments mounted on guided-missile go wrong so that the guided-missile flies over unintended place. For the vibration isolation of the equipments mounted on guided-missile, active vibration control was performed. In the case of active vibration technique, the stiffness matrix and the mass matrix are derived based on FEM (ANSYS5.0). Model reduction was carried out and, as a result, we got 7 DOF mass and stiffness matrix. For the sake of FEM model identification, modal experiment was carried out. With the help of Sensitivity Analysis, the natural frequencies of FEM were tuned to those of Experiment. In this work, the Sky Hook and the LQG control theory were adopted for v iteration control using stacked piezoactuator. Experiments were performed with changing excitation frequency from 10 Hz upto 200 Hz and we got frequency response function of guided-missile equipments. The magnitude of 3rd mode of guided-missile equipments is 8.6 % that of Uncontrolled in Skyhook controller and is 3.4 % that of uncontrolled in LQG controller.


Guided-Missile;GCU;FEM;Modal Experiment;Sensitivity Analysis;Skyhook;LQG


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