An Experimental Study on the Stochastic Control of a Aeroelastic System

공탄성시스템의 확률론적 제어에 대한 실험적 연구

  • Published : 1999.11.01


A Newly proposed control methodology applied to the aeroelastic system experiencing flutter is investigated and its performance is verified experimentally. The flexible cantilever beam slicked with piezofilm sensor and piezoceramic actuator is modelled in physical domain. Dynamic moment equation for the system is derived via Ito's stochastic differential equation and F-P-K equation. Also system's characteristics in stochastic domain is analyzed simultaneously. LQG controller is designed and used in physical and stochastic domain. It is shown experimentally that the vibration of beam is controlled effectively by designed LQG controller in physical domain. By comparing the result with that of LQG controller designed in stochastic domain, it is shown that the new control method, called Heo-stochastic control technique, has better performance as a controller.


PSD(Power Spectral Density);Monte-Carlo Method;Ito's Stochastic Differential Equation;F-P-K Equation;Dynamic Moment Equation;Heo-Stochastic Control Technique


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