Dynamic Analysis of Rotating Turbomachine Blades Including Coriolis Effect

코리올리 영향을 고려한 회전하는 터보기계 블레이드의 동특성 해석

  • Published : 1999.11.01


Recently, turbomachine blades are becoming larger and more flexible, it is necessary to calculate natural frequencies of a rotating blades for avoiding resonance. This problem is complicated by the fact that blades are tapered, twisted and curved. To keep with this demands, the designer must rely on more exact methods of calculation. In this paper, natural frequencies of a single straight or curved blade with variable R.P.M. are calculated by a stiffness matrix method. Results of investigation on the correspondence between the calculated and other values of the literature are described. The calculated values are agree with the other values but with a small error. Furthermore, the influence of Coriolis force on the natural frequency for rotating, curved turbo blades is described.


Stiffness Matrix Method;Natural Frequency;Coriolis Effect;Blade;Curved Beams


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