Fracture Behavior of a Ductile Layer Sandwiched by Stiff Substrates;Finite Element Analysis

강성모재에 끼워진 얇은 연성층의 파괴거동;유한요소해석

  • Published : 1999.11.01


Fracture behaviors of an interface crack in a ductile layer sandwiched by rigid substrates are analyzed by finite element method. Several fracture mechanisms and the corresponding criteria are examined. And the crack growth behavior and fracture toughness are predicted. As the results, various crack growth procedures such as the crack jump to the other interface on the opposite side, the creation of a new crack far from the initial crack front, and the asymmetric relation of fracture toughness vs. mode mixity ($J_c$-$\Phi$) can be successfully explained.


Fracture Toughness;Blunting of Crack Tip;Brittle Debonding;Stress Triaxiality;Damage;Cavitation


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