Vibration Control of a Tracked Vehicle with ER Suspension Units (II);Modeling and Control of a Tracked Vehicle

ER 현수장치를 갖는 궤도 차량의 진동제어 (II);궤도차량의 모델링 및 제어

  • Published : 1999.11.01


This paper presents dynamic modeling and controller design of a tracked vehicle installed with the double rod type ERSU(electro-rheological suspension unit). A 16 degree-of-freedom model for the tracked vehicle is established by Lagrangian method followed by the formulation of a new sky-ground hook controller. This controller takes account for both the ride quality and the steering stability. The weighting parameter between the two performance requirements is adopted to adjust required performance characteristics with respect to the operation conditions such as road excitation. The parameter is appropriately determined by employing a fuzzy algorithm associated with the vehicle motion. Computer simulations are undertaken in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed control system. Acceleration values at the driver's seat are analyzed under bump road profile, while frequency responses of vertical acceleration are investigated under random road excitation.


ER Suspension Unit;Tracked Vehicle;Vibration Control;Fuzzy Sky-Ground Hook Controller


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