• KIM K.-T. (Department of Astronomy and Space Science, Chungnam National University)
  • Published : 1999.10.01


Diffuse radio emission in Abell 2256 was detected above 3 $\sigma$ with DRAO observations at 1420 MHz. The halo size is $\~13' {\times}10' (\~1h^{-1}_{50}\;Mpc$) in full extent and is elongated along a position angle of about $112^{\circ}$. The total flux density contained in the halo is 30$\pm$10 mJy at 1420 MHz and its spectral index is -2.04$\pm$0.04, showing no evidence for steepening up to 1420 MHz. Using the size estimate, yields a more reliable equipartition magnetic field strength which is $0.34(1 + k)^{2/7}{\mu}G$. In addition, five new radio sources are identified.


galaxies: clustering;galaxies: intergalactic medium;galaxies: X-rays;magnetic fields;radio sources : galaxies


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