• LEE JUNG-DEOK (Department of Astronomy, Seoul National University) ;
  • LEE SANG-GAK (Department of Astronomy, Seoul National University)
  • Published : 1999.10.01


We present BVRI CCD photometry and near-infrared K photometry of the intermediate-aged open cluster NGC 7790. The reddening, E(B - V) = 0.54 $\pm$ 0.05 and the distance modulus, (m - M)o = 12.45 $\pm$ 0.10 for the cluster were determined by zero-age-main-sequence fitting and theoretical isochrone fitting using not only (V, B - V), (V, V - 1), (V, V - R) but also (V, V - K) color-magnitude diagrams. The reddening corresponded approximately to the average value derived from previous studies, while the distance modulus was found to be almost midway between the CCD photometric results of Romeo et al. (1989) and those of Mateo & Madore (1988). We have used four colors to distinguish members from field stars. The expected colors were calculated using the derived distance modulus, and were then were compared with the observed colors (B - V), (V - 1), (V - R), and (V - K). Thus, a color excess E(B - V) for each star was determined which could give the minimum difference between the calculated and observed colors. Single and binary members of the cluster were determined on the basis of the E(B - V) distribution of stars.


clusters: open;clusters: individual (NGC 7790);clusters: NIR photometry;clusters : membership;clusters: general


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