Effects of Antioxidants on Oxidation of Tallow by Gamma Irradiation

감마선 조사시 우지 산패억제를 위한 항산화제의 첨가효과

  • Published : 1999.02.28


The effects of antioxidants, ascorbyl palmitate (AP), ${\alpha}-tocopherol\;({\alpha}-Toc)$, BHA and ascorbyl $palmitate+{\alpha}-tocopherol\;(AP+{\alpha}-Toc)$ have been investigated on lipid peroxide formations in tallow immediately and during storage at $50^{\circ}C$ after gamma irradiation with the dose of $1{\sim}10kGy$. Immediately gamma irradiation greatly increased the initiative oxidation of tallow as was expected. But antioxidants were found to be greatly effective in minimizing the radiation-induced peroxidation of tallow and their antioxidative activities were $AP>BHA>AP+{\alpha}-Toc>{\alpha}-Toc$. Especially, AP showed greater antioxidative activity of initiate-oxidation than that of any other antioxidant. Oxidation of tallow during storage at $50^{\circ}C$ after irradiation induced the accelate of autoxidation. But the additions of antioxidants inhibited formation of peroxide. Their antioxidative activities were $BHA>AP+{\alpha}-Toc>{\alpha}-Toc>AP$. Especially $AP+{\alpha}-Toc$ mixture was not significantly different from BHA (p>0.05).


gamma irradiation;antioxidants;oxidation;tallow