Extractive Nitrogenous constituents of Echiuroid Urechis unichinctus

개불의 함질소 엑스성분

  • Park, Choon-Kyu (Department of Food Science and Technology, Yosu National university)
  • 박춘규 (여수대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1999.02.28


In order to investigate the composition and the actual status of extractive nitrogenous compounds in the fresh 'Gae-bul' (echiuroid), a kind of echiurida (Urechis unicinctus), the extract was analyzed separately into extractive nitrogen, free amino acids (FAAs), oligopeptides, nucleotides and related compounds, quaternary ammonium bases, and guanidino compounds, using specimens collected at fish market in April 1988. The extractive nitrogen of echiuroid was $601{\sim}610mg/100g$. Thirty-two kinds of FAAs were found, and the total of them in it was $2,437{\sim}2,609\;mg$. Glycine, alanine, taurine, and serine were the major FAAs in the echiuroid extracts. The large amount of glycine $(1,075{\sim}1,171mg)$ was noted in the extract. The sum of ATP and its related compounds was $3.04{\sim}3.12\;{\mu}mol/g$, and predominant compound was the AMP. Besides, CTP, GTP, UTP and their related compounds were also detected, and the total amount of them was $1.92{\sim}3.74\;{\mu}mol/g$. The lower homarine, trigonelline, TMAO, TMA, and creatine were detected in the extracts. The extractive nitrogenous constituents of medium size and large size echiuroid were almost the same level each other. The total nitrogens of the compounds analyzed for each samples accounted for more than 90% of the extractive nitrogen in this study.