Pectin-degrading Enzymes of Kimchi Ingredients

김치재료의 펙틴 가수분해 효소활성

  • Published : 1999.02.28


Pectic substances are important to sustain the textural properties of kimchi during fermentation and distribution. Therefore proper control of pectin degrading enzyme activity is critical on quality control in kimchi industry. Pectin degrading enzymes of kimchi ingredients were assayed to improve the product quality. Among pectin degrading enzymes, polygalacturonase and pectinesterase were selected. The specific activity of polygalacturonase was the highest in salted and fermented anchovy, followed by chinese radish. Considering the amount of protein contents, salted and fermented anchovy and dried red pepper showed higher polygalacturonase activity than other ingredients. In terms of specific activity, chinese radish showed the highest pectinesterase activity, followed by salted and fermented anchovy. However, the total activity of salted and fermented anchovy was the highest. Chinese radish showed higher pectinesterase activity than any other ingredients.