Analysis of Antioxidant Nutrients in Green Yellow Vegetable Juice

녹즙의 항산화 영양성분 분석

  • Published : 1999.08.31


The present study was attempted to investigate the contents of antioxidant nutrients in green juice of Angelica keiskei, kale, carrot, celery, cucumber. All 5 green juice were found to contain antioxidant nutrients such as ${\beta}-carotene$, vitamin E, vitamin C, Se, Cu, Mn, Zn and phenols. ${\beta}-carotene$ contents of carrot, kale, Angelica keiskei, celery and cucumber juice were 5909.0, 3285.3, 1398.4, 176.7 and 61.4 mg/l00 g, respectively. ${\alpha}-tocopherol$ contents of 5 green juices were $0.04{\sim}1.41$ mg/l00 g. Kale juice had highest ${\alpha}-tocopherol$ and celery juice contained lowest, kale juice also contained highest vitamin C (105.1 mg/l00 g) and Angelica keiskei, cucumber, celery and carrot had vitamin C contents of 31.4, 9.3, 7.5 and 5.2 mg/l00 g, respectively. Angelica keiskei had highest amount of antioxidant minerals among the sample such as Cu (0.40 mg/l00 g), Mn (0.5 mg/l00 g), Zn (0.24 mg/l00 g), Se $(0.61\;{\mu}g/kg)$. Kale was the second best source of antioxidant minerals which were Cu (0.45 mg/l00 g), Mn (0.22 mg/l00 g), Zn (0.24 mg/l00 g), Se $(0.33\;{\mu}g/kg)$. However, celery and cucumber were poor in antioxidant minerals. Total phenolic contents of 5 green juices were $0.01\;{\sim}0.05%$, kale juice also had highest total phenolics among the samples.


green yellow vegetable juice;antioxidant nutrients