Development of Branched Oligosaccharides as a Cryoprotectant in Surimi

올리고당의 수리미 냉동변성방지제로의 개발

  • Published : 1999.08.31


Cryoprotection of surimi by three commercial oligosaccharides (isomalto-, fructo- or galacto-, oligosaccharides) was investigated and compared with commercially used cryoprotectants (sucrose, sucrose+sorbitol). Surimis were made with oligosaccharides as cryoprotectants, and gels were prepared after 3 months of storage at $-18^{\circ}C$. After gel preparation, various physical properties (texture, water holding capacity, color, and microstructures) were measured. The gels containing oligosaccharides showed similar water holding capacities and microstructure as the commercially used cryoprotectants. They also showed similar lightness and whiteness as the commercial ones. In TPA(texture profile analysis), gels prepared with fructooligosaccharides showed highest fracturability than gets with sucrose, sucrose+sorbitol, or other oligosaccharides. These results showed a applicability of commercial oligosaccharides as a cryoprotectant in surimi processing.


commercial oligosaccharide;cryoprotectants;surimi gel