Fatty Acids Composition and Sensory Characteristics of the Commercial Native Chicken Meat

실용 재래닭의 지방산 조성 및 관능적 특성

  • Published : 1999.08.31


Fatty acid composition and sensory characteristics of six commercial chickens(CC-RcDR, RcLR, BcBR, BcDR, BcLR, RcBR), one broiler(Arbor Acre) and three Korean native chickens(KNC-D, L, B) were evaluated. In the fatty acid composition at marketing age, KNC had generally higher unsaturated fatty acid ratio than the others. B, BcBR and BcDR showed the highest in unsaturated fatty acid but the lower than others in saturated fatty acid composition. The results of sensory test showed significant difference(P<0.05) only in the leg. B and RcBR had the highest score and Arbor Acre lowest score in juiciness. In tenderness. B had the highest score and RcDR lowest score. In the case of acceptability, KNC generally had high score. Particularly B had the highest score. Among CC, RcBR had the highest score. There were no significant differences in flavor and aroma.


broiler;Korean native chicken;fatty acid;sensory test