Modeling of Extrusion for Pectin Extraction from Apple Pomace

사과박의 펙틴 추출을 위한 압출 공정 모형화

  • Published : 1999.08.31


This study was performed to search a physical method having high yield and quality and minimum environmental pollution for extraction of pectin from apple pomace. Based on the physical solubilization of plant cell wall under the condition of high temperature, pressure and shearing stress, apple pomace was treated by a corotating intermeshing type twin-screw extruder with the diameter-to-length ratio of 1/20. The specific mechanical energy of extruder was introduced as system parameter for extrusion process modeling and the shaft speed, feed rate and moisture content as process variables. The yield, average molecular weight and galacturonic acid content of water-soluble polysaccharides obtained by extrusion were, respectively, modeled with the linear functions of the system parameter which was of the form as a linear function of process variables. The specific mechanical energy increased with increase of shaft speed and with decrease of feed rate and moisture content. Out of process variables, moisture content had the greatest effect on specific mechanical energy. The yield increased with increase of specific mechanical energy while the average molecular weight and galacturonic acid content increased with its decrease. In aspects of yield and quality of pectin, the results from this study showed the possibility to replace a traditional acidic method with the extrusion treatment of this study.


pectin;extrusion;modeling;apple pomace