Anti-hyperglycemic Effect of Cortex Mori radicis in db/db Mice

db/db 마우스에서 상백피의 혈당강하효과

  • Published : 1999.08.31


Cortex Mori radicis has been used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus. In this study, the antihyperglycemic effect of Cortex Mori radicis was observed in obese diabetic mice(C57BLKsJ db/db). Cold water extract of Cortex Mori radicis was supplied in tab water(500, 1000 mg/kg/day) with normal chow for 5 weeks. Food intake and body weight gain were decreased significantly in experimental group. Also experimental group exhibited lower fasting serum glucose level when compaired to control group. Hb Alc level and triglyceride level were lowered in a dose-dependent manner. The activity of small intestinal disaccharidases was decreased at most segments. In conclusion, Cortex Mori radicis has anti-obesity effect to reduce food intake and body weight gain. And it is able to decrease the activity of small intestinal disaccharides and thus it can reduce serum glucose level and triglyceride level.