Isolation of Taurine from Cooking Wastes of Anchovy Factory Ship

멸치 가공선 자숙폐액으로부터 타우린의 분리

  • Published : 1999.08.31


The isolation of taurine from cooking wastes of anchovy factory ship was conducted. Anchovy cooking wastes had 93.9% moisture, followed by 4.8% ash, 0.4% protein and 0.2% lipid in order. Free amino acids of anchovy cooking wastes consisted of 38.8% taurine, 26.6% histidine and 10.0% glutamic acid. Taurine-rich fraction was isolated by cation and anion exchange chromatography with its yield and purity being 79.2% and 89.9%, respectively. The 80% ethanol precipitate obtained from the taurine-rich fraction showed yield of 29.5% and purity of 98.1% as taurine.


taurine;anchovy cooking wastes