Composition of Amino Acid and Minerals in Cancerous Tissues

암 조직의 아미노산과 무기질의 조성

  • Published : 1999.08.31


In order to investigate the nutrients, such as amino acids and minerals concerned to propagate the cancer cells, cancerous tissues such as neuroblastoma with liver meta, cancer in situs. CIS, meta. squ. cell cancer, R/O squ. cell cancer, macro. RIF, metastatic papillary cancer. neck, stomach cancer, lung cancer, intestinal obs., 3 kinds of rectal cancers were analyzed. Tryptophane, a fat soluble amino acid, and minerals such phosphorus, sulfur and iron were contained exceptionally high in cancerous tissues than that of normal cells. And copper and zinc minerals were contained very low level in cancerous cells. Therefore, we can deduce that those constituents might be concerned to the formation of cancerous tissues.