Change of Physicochemical Characteristics of Persimmon Vinegar by Vacuum Concentration

진공농축에 따른 감식초의 이화학적 특성 변화

  • Published : 1999.08.31


This study was performed to offer fundamental data for concentration of persimmon vinegar. The $5.4^{\circ}Bx$ raw persimmon vinegar was concentrated to $20^{\circ}Bx$, $30^{\circ}Bx$, $40^{\circ}Bx$, $50^{\circ}Bx$, $60^{\circ}Bx$ and $70^{\circ}Bx$ concentration by vacuum concentration at $55^{\circ}C$ and diluted to $5.4^{\circ}Bx$ solution with distilled water. The physicochemical properties such as color, viscosity, pH, acidity, organic acid content and free sugar content of various persimmon vinegar concentrates were examined. The recovery yield of water soluble solid to concentrates was 55.5% on $20^{\circ}Bx$ vacuum concentration. Color of $5.4^{\circ}Bx$ persimmon vinegar diluents from concentrates became more dark brown by vacuum concentration. Flow behavior of persimmon vinegar concentrates was pseudoplastic. As the concentration of persimmon vinegar concentrates increased, pH of $5.4^{\circ}Bx$ diluents increased and acidity as acetic acid decreased compared to original raw vinegar. Acetic acid, lactic acid and citric acid were detected, malic acid and oxalic acid were not detected in persimmon vinegar concentrate. Fructose and sucrose only were detected in persimmon vinegar concentrate.


persimmon vineger;vacuum concentration;physicochemical properties