Effects of Salts, pH, Acidulants and Carbohydrolase on Extraction Yield and Color Change of Garlic

염류 및 pH, Acidulants, 다당류 분해효소가 마늘 추출 수율 및 변색에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1999.10.31


The solid yields and color changes of garlic aqueous extracts were determined to study the effects of enzymatic hydrolysis, pH treatment, and addition of organic acids and some organic or inorganic salts. Hydrolysis with commercial polysaccharases resulted in an $15{\sim}20%$ increase in the solid yields, with a greenish color change in the garlic extracts. pH treatment gave it similar effect at the pH range of $4.4{\sim}5.0$. Among the salts and acidulants used, $CaCl_2$, sodium oxalate, tartaric and phosphoric acids were effective for increase in the yield and $K_{4}P_{2}O_{7}$ was effective for both yield increase and control of greening.


garlic;extraction;color;solid yield;enzymatic hydrolysis