Color Changes of Dried Squid Differs in Packaging Films during Storage

포장재를 달리한 마른 오징어의 저장중 색택 변화

  • Published : 1999.10.31


To identify the effect of packaging film on browning reaction of dried squid, 3 kinds of packaging film$(NYLON\;12\;{\mu}m/LDPE\;80\;{\mu}m)$ including transparency, white, black film were tested about browning degree of dried squid during storage at ambient temperature for 50 days. During storage period, water content and water activity were maintained almost constant, and microbial count was not changed. When color index was measured by color difference meter, L value and ${\Delta}E$ value were the highest in the dried squid packaged with transparency film. ${\Delta}E$ value was rapidly increased in early packaging period(within 10 day). TBA value was showed same tendency with ${\Delta}E$ value in early storage period. So, the browning was supposed to originated from lipid oxidation by UV light transmitted through packaging film in the early storage period.


dried squid;packaging film;browning