Application of ATP Bioluminescence Assay for a Rapid Estimation of Microbial Levels in Mackerel(Scomber japonicus)

고등어 표피의 미생물 오염도 신속측정을 위한 ATP Bioluminescence assay

  • Published : 1999.10.31


The utility of a bioluminescence adenosine triphosphate(ATP) assay method for estimating bacterial levels in mackerel(Scomber japonicus) was investigated. Mackerel was stored at $1^{\circ}C$ throughout 10 days and its RLU(relative light unit) and APC(aerobic plate count) was determined. The ATP bioluminescence assay was validated during the storage of 32 samples, resulting in an agreement between the ATP assay and standard plate count methods of over 90% credibility. Therefore, ATP bioluminescence assay was considered as a rapid and near real-time means in estimating the microbial load on mackerel skin.