Antioxidant Effects of Fermented Anchovy

멸치액젓의 항산화효과

  • Park, Jong-Ok (Department of Chemistry, Kyungsung University) ;
  • Yoon, Mi-Sun (Department of Food Science and Technology, Kyungsung University) ;
  • Cho, Eun-Jung (Biotechnology Research Center, Postech) ;
  • Kim, Hee-Sook (Department of Food Science and Technology, Kyungsung University) ;
  • Ryu, Byung-Ho (Department of Food Science and Technology, Kyungsung University)
  • 박종옥 (경성대학교 화학과) ;
  • 윤미선 (경성대학교 식품공학과) ;
  • 조은정 (포항공과대학교 생명공학연구소) ;
  • 김희숙 (경성대학교 식품공학과) ;
  • 류병호 (경성대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1999.10.31


The antioxidative activity of Fermented Anchovy on linoleic acid autooxidation was investigated in an aqueous system at pH 7.0. All solvent fractions from Fermented Anchovy were exhibited the strong antioxidative activity. Especially, BuOH and aqueous fractions were gained large amounts with strong antioxidative activity. Ultrafiltration, dialysis, heat treatment of aqueous fraction indicated that water-soluble antioxidants of Fermented Anchovy were heat-resistant, amino acid related compounds with smaller molecular weights than 1,000. Unbound fractions from DE-52 anion exchange chromatography were exhibited antioxidative activity with or without $15\;{\mu}M\;Fe^{+++}\;ion$. We were able to purify one methionine derivative from lots of antioxidative substances in Fermented Anchovy aqueous fraction by gel filtration, anion-exchange chromatography, TLC and HPLC, successfully. These data suggest that Fermented Anchovy aqueous fraction is a mixture of fermented small molecules with strong antioxidative activities.