Physicochemical Characteristics of ${\beta}-Glucan$ Isolated from Barley

보리로부터 분리한 ${\beta}-Glucan$의 이화학적 특성

  • Published : 1999.10.31


The physicochemical characteristics of ${\beta}-glucan$ isolated from waxy and non-waxy barley were investigated. The hull-less waxy and non-waxy barley containing 6.5% and 5.3% of total ${\beta}-glucan$ respectively, were used as a starting material. The yield and ${\beta}-glucan$ content of crude ${\beta}-glucan$ from waxy barley was 5.54% and 62.9%, respectively, and those were higher than 3.34% and 59.2% from non-waxy barley. The crude ${\beta}-glucan$ purified with selective precipitation and enzymatic treatment to obtain the ${\beta}-glucan$ isolate of high purity (>99%). The total yield of purified ${\beta}-glucan$ from waxy and non-waxy barley was 4.46% and 2.59%, respectively. The surface appearance of the purified ${\beta}-glucan$ by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) showed randomly entangled multi-net structure of ${\beta}-glucan$ microfibrils. The melting temperature of ${\beta}-glucan$ from waxy and non-waxy barley measured by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) was $184.6^{\circ}C$, and $180.3^{\circ}C$, respectively. DSC endotherm of ${\beta}-glucan$ solution showed 2 peaks near $68^{\circ}C$ and $84^{\circ}C$. Enthalpy of phase transition was higher in non-waxy ${\beta}-glucan$ than waxy ${\beta}-glucan$, and the intrinsic viscosity of ${\beta}-glucan$ solution from waxy barley was higher than that of non-waxy ${\beta}-glucan$. The pasting viscosity of barley starch with the purified ${\beta}-glucan$ determined by Rapid Visco-Analyzer was higher than that of barley starch without ${\beta}-glucan$, and the effect of ${\beta}-glucan$ on increasing the paste viscosity was greater in non-waxy barley starch.