The Effects of Wall Elasticity on Wall Shear Rate of a Divergent Tube (Vascular Graft)

벽 탄성도가 확장관(인조혈관) 벽 전단변형률에 미치는 영향

Rhee, Kye-Han;Lee, Sang-Man

  • Published : 1999.06.01


Shear stress acting on the arterial wall by blood flow is an important hemodynamic factor influencing blocking of blood vessel by thickening of an arterial wall. In order to study the effects of wall elasticity on the wall shear rate distribution in an artery-divergent graft anastomosis, a rigid and a elastic model are manufactured. These models are placed in a pulsatile flow loop, which can generate the desired flow waveform. Flow visualization method using a photochromic dye is used to measure the wall shear rate distribution. The accuracy of measuring technique is verified by comparing the measured wall shear rate in the straight portion of a model with the theoretical solution. Measured wall shear rates depend on the wall elasticity and flow waveform. The mean and maximum shear rate in the elastic model are lower than those in rigid model, and the decreases are more significant near the end of a divergent tube. The reduction of mean and maximum of wall shear rate in an elastic model are up to 17 percent.


Wall Shear Rate;Hemodynamics;Elastic Divergent Tube;Radial Wall Motion;Flow Visualization