A Study on a 4WS Vehicle Using Fuzzy Logic and Model Following Control

퍼지로직과 모델추종제어를 이용한 4륜 조향 차량에 관한 연구

Baek, Seung-Ju;Oh, Chae-Youn

  • Published : 1999.06.01


This paper develops a 3 DOF vehicle model which includes lateral, roll and yaw motion to study a 4WS vehicle. The model is used for the simulation of a 4WS vehicle behavior, and to derive a control algorithm for rear wheel steering. This paper uses a feedforward plus feedback control scheme to compute a rear wheel steering angle. The feedforward control scheme for computing the first rear wheel steering angle uses a gain which is acquired by multiplying a proper value on a gain to maintain a zero sideslip angle. The feedback control scheme for computing the second rear wheel steering angle uses fuzzy logic and model following control scheme. A linear 2 DOF model is used as a reference model for model following control, and is derived from the developed 3 DOF model by neglecting sprung mass roll motion. A reference state variable is yaw rate, and is computed using the linear 2 DOF model. J-turn and lane change maneuver simulation are performed to show the effectiveness of the developed control scheme. The simulation results show that the 4WS vehicle with the developed control scheme has much better performance in yaw rate, lateral acceleration, roll angle, and sideslip angle than the 2WS vehicle. Also, the results show that the performance of the developed control is close to the one of an optimal control which assumes all states are perfect.


4WS;Fuzzy Logic Control;Yaw Rate;Lateral Acceleration;Sideslip Angle;Lane Change;Lateral Load Transfer