Hybrid Full-field Stress Analysis around a Circular Hole in a Tensile Loaded Plate using Conformal Mapping and Photoelastic Experiment

등각사상 맵핑 및 광탄성 실험법에 의한 원형구명 주위의 하이브리드 응력장 해석

  • Published : 1999.06.01


An experimental study is presented for the effect of number of terms of a pewee series type stress function on stress analysis around a hole in tensile loaded plate. The hybrid method coupling photoelastsic data inputs and complex variable formulations involving conformal mappings and analytical continuity is used to calculate tangential stress on the boundary of the hole in uniaxially loaded, finite width tensile plate. In order to measure isochromatic data accurately, actual photoelastic fringe patterns are two times multiplied and sharpened by digital image processing. For qualitative comparison, actual fringes are compared with calculated ones. For quantitative comparison, percentage errors and standard deviations with respect to percentage errors are caculated for all measured points by changing the number of terms of stress function. The experimental results indicate that stress concentration factors analyzed by the hybrid method are accurate within three percent compared with ones obtained by theoretical and finite element analysis.


Stress Analysis;Hybrid Stress Analysis;Photoelasticity;Conformal Mapping;Complex Stress Function;Least Squares Method;Digital Image processing;Fringe Multiplication;Fringe Sharpening