Fracture Criterion and Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Rail Steel Under Mode I & Mixed Mode Loading

단일 및 혼합모드 하중하에서의 레일강의 파괴조건 및 피로균열진전거동

Kim, Jung-Kyu;Lee, Jong-Sun;Kim, Chul-Soo

  • Published : 1999.06.01


It is necessary to evaluate the fatigue behavior of rail steel under the multi-axial stress state to assure the railway vehicle's safety. For this purpose, the stress analysis to investigate the crack initiation criteria, static failure and fatigue behavior under mixed-mode are performed. The stress analysis results show that the initiation of the transverse fissure depends on the maximum shear stress below the surface. For the mixed mode, the fatigue crack growth behavior which is represented by the projection crack length and comparative S.I.F, ${\Delta}K_v$, shows the more conservative results. Also, its rate is lower than that of the case of the mode I, and this difference decreases with increasing the stress ratio, R.


Rail Steel;Mixed Mode;Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior;Finite Element Analysis;CTS Specimen