Performance Evaluation on the Reinforcing Material of Plastic Composites for the Electromagnetic Shielding

전자차폐(電磁遮蔽)를 위한 플라스틱 복합재료용(複合材料用) 강화재(强化材)의 성능평가(性能評價)

  • Published : 1999.06.01


It is important to study the shielding effectiveness(SE) of reinforcing material of plastic composite materials against the electromagnetic(EM) waves. In this paper, SE of the shielding material of EM waves was investigated with actual experiments. The materials used in this study were made up of film, fiber and powder of conductive materials - Cu, Al, CF etc. Also, The resin film was used as matrix. The experiment was carried out by using a shielding evaluator(Shielding box) TR17302 with an ADVANTEST spectrum analyzer, model R3361C. It was found from the experimental results that copper, aluminum and carbon fiber were good candidates as a shielding material against the EM waves with increasing the SE as the composite was laminated. The characteristics of the SE against the EM waves depended on a mode of preparation of specimen. The effects of interval of wires on the SE were studied when the orientation and the space of Cu wires were changed. The SE strongly depended on the. orientation and the space of the Cu wire. SE decreased as the space of the Cu wires was increasing.


Composite Materials;Reinforcing Material;Lamination;Degree of Orientation;Spectrum Analyzer;Shielding Effectiveness of Electromagnetic(EM) Waves(SE)