Performance Comparison Between ER and MR Clutches with Same Gap Size

동일한 간극을 갖고 있는 ER 및 MR 클러치의 성능 비교

Hong, Sung-Ryong;Choi, Seung-Bok

  • Published : 1999.06.01


In this wort ER(electro-rheological) clutch and MR(magneto-rheological) clutch are devised and their performance characteristics such as response time and controllability are compared. As a first step, field-dependent yield stresses of ER and MR fluids are distilled in shear mode. For reasonable comparison between two clutches, a nondimensional design model is established by choosing same design parameters of gap size and number. Following the manufacturing of two clutches, field-dependent torque level, response time to step input, mechanical Power generation to electric power consumption are experimentally measured and compared. In addition, in order to investigate torque controllability of the clutches a sliding mode controller is formulated and experimentally realized. Control bandwidths of two clutches are identified and tracking control responses for desired torque trajectories are presented.


Electro-Rheological Fluid;Magneto-Rheological Fluid;Bingham Model;Gap Size;ER Clutch;MR Clutch;Torque Control