An Analysis of Crack Growth Rate Due to Variation of Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance

피로균열전파저항의 변동성에 의한 균열전파율의 해석

  • 김선진 (부경대학교 기계.자동차공학부)
  • Published : 1999.07.01


Reliability analysis of structures based on fracture mechanics requires knowledge on statistical characteristics of the parameter C and m in the fatigue crack growth law, $da/dN=C({\Delta}K)^m$. The purpose of the present study is to investigate if it is possible to predict fatigue crack growth rate by only the fluctuation of the parameter C. In this study, Paris-Erdogan law is adopted, where the author treat the parameter C as random and m as constant. The fluctuation of crack growth rate is assumed only due to the parameter C. The growth resistance coefficient of material to fatigue crack growth (Z=1/C) was treated as a spatial stochastic process, which varies randomly on the crack path. The theoretical crack growth rates at various stress intensity factor range are discussed. Constant ${\Delta}K$ fatigue crack growth tests were performed on the structural steel, SM45C. The experimental data were analyzed to determine the autocorrelation function and Weibull distributions of the fatigue crack growth resistance. And also, the effect of the parameter m of Paris' law due to variation of fatigue crack growth resistance was discussed.


Crack Growth Rate;Fatigue Crack Growth Resistance;Spatial Stochastic process;Weibull Distribution;Auto-correlation Function