A Stochastic Analysis for Crack Growth Retardation Behavior and Prediction of Retardation Cycle Under Single Overload

단일과대하중하에서 피로균열진전지연거동 및 지연수명의 확률론적 해석

  • Published : 1999.07.01


In this study, to investigate the fatigue crack retardation behavior and the variability of retardation cycles, fatigue crack growth tests were conducted on 7075-T6 aluminum alloy under single tensile overload. A retardation coefficient, D was introduced to describe fatigue crack retardation behavior and a random variable, Z to describe the variability of fatigue crack growth. The retardation coefficient was separately formulated according to retardation behavior which is composed of delayed retardation part and retardation part. The random variable, Z was evaluated from experimental data which was obtained from fatigue crack growth tests under constant amplitude load. Using these variables, a probabilistic model was developed on the basis of the modified Forman's equation, and retardation behavior and cycles were predicted under certain overload condition. The predicted retardation curve well agrees with the trend of experimental crack retardation behavior. And this model well predicts the scatter of experimental retardation cycles.


Fatigue Crack Growth Retardation;Single Overload;Delayed Retardation;Retardation Coefficient;Retardation Cycle;Variability