PIV Measurements of Flow Downstream of Polyurethane Heart Valve Prosthesis for Artificial Heart : Steady Flow Experiment

PIV를 이용한 인공심장용 폴리우레탄 인공판막 하류의 유동 측정 : 정상유동실험

Kim, Jung Gyeong;Seong, Jae Yong;Jang, Jun Geun;Yu, Jeong Yeol;Min, Byeong Gu

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Hemodynamic performance of a polyurethane heart valve prosthesis was evaluated in comparison with that of Bjork-Shiley Monostrut mechanical valve in steady flow representing the systolic peak flow phase. Pressure losses through the valves were obtained from the streamwise pressure distributions downstream of the valves. Unsteady and turbulent flow field distal to the heart valve prostheses were investigated using M (Particle Image Velocimetry) which can measure the full-field velocity instantaneously and noninvasively. BY examining the velocity and Reynolds shear stress fields downstream of the polyurethane heart valve, it is known that there is a large recirculation region near the valve and high shear stress regions exist at the interface between strong axial jet flows along the wall and vortical flows in the central area. The possibilities of vascular complications, such as the thrombus formation and red blood cell damage, could be predicted from the overall view of the velocity and stress fields.


Polyurethane Heart Valve Prosthesis;PIV;Hemolysis;Thrombus


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