Virtual Standards Development Environments for Concurrent Standardization Process

  • Published : 1999.03.15


Recently, the increased handling of on-line standards information has emerged as an important feature of information and communications technology (ICT) standardization. In order to meet market needs for on-time standards deployment, most standards organizations are actively seeking more efficient ways of standardization using electronic means in order to accelerate the standards making process. This paper suggests a virtual standard development environment designed for standards developers to carry out their standards-related activities on-line. In this paper, we outline a conceptual model of a concurrent standardization process and describe the design and implementation of an Extranet-based network system called standards information cooperative network (SICN). The system was created with a view to fostering faster standards development with functionalities such as a virtual management of networked standards developers, collaboration support tools, a workflow-based electronic signature system, and dynamic links for ready retrieval of standards information stored in a database. We conclude this paper with an introduction to the concept of a virtual standards development organization (VSDO) that supports all the features needed by the relevant standards making bodies to carry out their activities in a dynamic on-line environment.