Induction of Apoptosis by Camptothecin in HL-60 Cells

HL-60 세포에서 Camptothecin의 apoptosis 유도작용

  • Published : 1999.06.01


Camptothecin (CPT) has been known to induce apoptosis in various cancer cell lines. To examine the intracellular apoptotic death signal initiated by CPT, we investigated the possible connection between caspase-3 activation and GSH depletion during CPT-induced apoptosis in HL-60 cells. Treatment of cells with $1{\;}{\mu}M$ CPT induced PARP cleavage accompanied by DNA fragmentation. z-VAD-fmk, a caspase-3 inhibitor, blocked the CPT-induced DNA fragmentation. Pretreatment of cells with N-acetylcysteine, a precursor of GSH biosynthesis, failed to inhibit CPT-induced PARP celavage and DNA gragmenatation. No significant changes in GSH depletion is not essential for caspase activation during CPT-induced apoptosis. We also investigated whether CPT-induced apoptosis is associated with changes of the levels of Bax and Bcl-2, two proteins involved in the control of apoptosis. Bcl-2 levels exhibited a late decrease compared with the kinetics of DNA fragmentation, whereas Bax levels increased more rapidly after CPT treatment. These results suggest that Bax plays more important role than Bcl-2 in inducing DNA fragmentation and may function upsteam of proteolytic activation of caspase-3 pathway in CPT-induced apoptosis.


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