Application of Neural Network Precompensated PID Controller for Load Frequency Control of Power Systems

전력계통의 부하주파수 제어를 위한 신경회로망 전 보상 PID 제어기 적용

  • 김상효 (동아대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 1999.07.01


In this paper we propose a neural network precompensated PID(NNP PID) controller for load frequency control of 2-area power system. While proportional integral derivative(PID) controllers are used in power system they have many problems because of high nonlinearities of the power system So a neural network-based precompensation scheme is adopted into a conventional PID controller to obtain a robust control to the nonlinearities. The applied neural network precompen-sator uses an error back-propagation learning algorithm having error and change of error as inputand considers the changing component of forward term of weighting factor for reducing of learning time. Simulation results show that the proposed control technique is superior to a conventional PID controller and an optimal controller in dynamic responses about load disturbances. The pro-posed technique can be easily implemented by adding a neural network precompensator to an existing PID controller.


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