Alkali Decomposition Behavior of Poly(ethylene naphtalate)

폴리에틸렌나프탈레이트의 알칼리 분해거동

  • 이준정 (영남대학교 공과대학 섬유학부) ;
  • 윤지영 (섬유기능대학 섬유가공기술학과) ;
  • 김준호 (영남대학교 공과대학 섬유학부)
  • Published : 1999.08.01


Alkali decomposition reaction of PEN was studied in ethylene glycol (EG), alcohols and mixed media of EG and ethereal solvents such as diethylene glycol (DEG), triethylene glycol (TEG) and ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (EGMBE). alkali decomposition reaction of PEN in EG medium proceeds via two stage, a fast initial stage and a slow second stage. And there are some induction periods in the initial stage. The alkali decomposition of PEN in alcohol medium is not effective because treatment temperatures higher than the boiling point of the alcohol cannot be used. KOH is more effective than NaOH in alkali decomposition PEN, but the difference is not so much. The ethereal solvents accelerate the rate of decomposition in the order. EG



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