Analysis of Noise Contribution using Frequency Response Function and Measurements of Noise Distribution for Railway Interior Noise

주파수 응답 함수를 이용한 철도차량 실내소음 기여도 분석 및 분포도 측정

  • Published : 1999.10.01


Speed-up and mass reduction of railway vehicle usually causes increased of the interior noise. One of the best ways to control the interior noise is to identify the noise level radiated from each of parts in the cabin. In this paper, we describe the method to estimate the interior noise nad evaluate the noise contribution to each of parts. This method is based that the sound pressure can be calculated by using the frequency response function and acceleration. According to analysis of the noise contribution, we validated that the noise radiated from the floor is the higher in the cabin. We also measured the noise distribution for the side and floor by using the microphone array in order to analyze the effect of the noise flowing into the cabin from the outdoors. Finally, we presented the plan of the interior noise reduction based on the noise levels radiated from each of parts.


  1. J-Rail 94 고속차량의 저소음화를 위한 지원요소기술과 응용 田中 俊光
  2. J-Rail 95 고속차량에 대한 경량, 고방음 차체구조의 개발 松岡茂樹(외 5명)
  3. J-Rail 96 고속차량에 대한 경량, 고방음 차체구조의 개발(wp2qh) 松岡 茂樹(외 5명)