Identification and Antibacterial Activity of Volatile Flavor Components of Cordyceps Militaris

  • Published : 1999.03.01


Flavor characteristics of raw Cordyceps militaris significatntly different from those of dried one. In the case of raw Cordyceps militaris , major flavor components were composed of 5 alcohols, 3 ketones, 4 phenols, 9 alkanes , and 3 alkenes. The major alcohol was 1-octen-3-ol(22.56%, 1147.3% ng/ml), which contributed to the characteristic green flavor. Ketones (3-ocatone, inparticular )were present in the highest concentration in raw Cordyceps militaris . In contrast, major flavor components of dried Cordyceps militaris were composed of 4 alcohols, 4 ketones, 3 furans, 4 pyrizines, 2 dithiazines, 5 phenols , 8alkenes , 17 alkanes, and 8 fatty acids. Dried Cordyceps militaris had unique sweet aroma of sesame as wella s a milky flavor. Green or fruit flavor were rarely detected . In alkanes , 10 cosanes, component fo wax were present. Typical flavor components of alkanes such as $\beta$-caryophyllen and Δ-cadinene were also detected. Fatty acids of dried Cordyceps militaris ranged from myristic acid (14 :0) to linoleic acid (18 ; 2). The sweet aroma of dried Cordyceps militaris was mostly due to pryazines, dithaiazines, and furans. Two dithaizines were identified and characteristics of these flavor components was a roasted bacon flavor. Strong antibacterial acitivity was observed toward Vibrio spp. such as V. vulnificus, V.cholerae, V. parahaemlyticus. Relatively high antibacterial acitivity was shown toward Bacillus subtilis , B,cereus, Staphyllococcus aureus, and Corynebacterium xerosis.